Meet our team

Midwifery Centre Nova prides itself on their diverse, enthusiastic, dedicated and committed team of midwives. To make sure you don’t see too many different faces during pregnancy we register you at a prenatal team once your registration comes in. The prenatal teams are: location East (Van Swinden) & Diemen and location IJburg.

Each day there is one midwife on call, this can be a midwife from prenatal team East or from prenatal team IJburg. Therefore it’s possible to meet a midwife you haven’t seen yet in case of emergency or delivery. Should you wish to meet all the midwives in pregnancy? You can let us know and we’ll make sure you have seen us all at least once.

Prenatal team Van Swinden & Diemen

Wie zijn wij marianne

Marianne Bonarius

Midwife & Ultrasound specialist
Attentive – calm in care – passionate – beach lover – yoga – 2 kids & a wonderful husband
Wie zijn wij Dayenne

Dayenne Aitatus

Beach holidays – cocktails – not very structured – family woman – calm – solution oriented
Wie zijn Wij Jasinka

Jasinka Rosenmöller

Running – Cooking and eating lots of food – enthusiast – mom of three – I like to put people at ease

Prenatal Team IJburg

Wie zijn wij chandelle 02

Chandelle van Gelderen

Only child, yet also the oldest of 6 – not born, but raised in Amsterdam – pilates – bookworm – can always be found sitting at a restaurant terrace – passionate about midwifery
Wie zijn wij inge 02

Inge Smelik

Midwife & Contraception Specialist
Smell of coffee – facetiming with friends for hours – house full of plants – 2 brothers and 2 sisters – sun – still in awe of the strength of women

Maartje Labots

Enthusiast – Decisive – Summer – 10.000 steps a day – The primal force of women – Amsterdam

Midwife for both teams

This is our midwife for both prenatal teams. She works for both locations.

Wie zijn wij daphne 02

Daphne van der Heijden

Midwife, Ultrasound specialist & Contraception Specialist
Wine lover –  runner – proud aunt – ultrasound specialist – winter sports – foodlover


Both our locations in East & IJburg have an assistent present. She’s the first point of contact during your registration, to make or reschedule your appointments and she answers all questions during opening hours between 09:00 and 12:00.

They help each other out during sick leave or holidays.

Wie zijn wij marjanne

Marjanne Harder

Practice Assistent location van Swinden - mon, wed, thurs & fri
Mom of a son & daughter – camping – Amsterdammer – little town – working at the practice for 18 years – hardworking
Wie zijn wij irma

Irma Moolenaar

Practice Assistent IJburg & Miscarriage Coach - tue & fri
Houseboat near the Vecht – swimming & sailing – family woman – passionate about cooking & eating – informer Moeders voor Moeders – positive & practical attitude


It is very important to us to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with the next generation of midwives. We therefore choose to have interns from the midwifery academy Amsterdam. You might meet our students during clinic, your delivery and postnatal period. Depending on the phase in their education our interns will be either mostly observing or working independent under our supervision. It is important to know that our interns are always working together with us and never instead of us. However if you do not want an intern during you consult or delivery feel free to let us know.

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