Information evening about labor & birth

Information evening about labor & birth

This evening is designed for our English-speaking community.

It may be compared to our Dutch version but with some more information about the differences between the midwifery care in the Netherlands compared to international care. We will discuss various subjects:

  • how does labor start
  • what is the normal course for labor
  • the different labor and birthing positions
  • dilation phase
  • pushing phase
  • afterbirth
  • medical checks
  • the dutch midwife and her role compared to other countries
  • when does the gynaecologist take over
  • the 5 different hospitals in Amsterdam
  • home or hospital delivery
  • pain relief methods/options
  • dutch maternity care

This information evening has been made available by Verloskundecentrum Nova and is offered to our clients. The evening will be hosted by Chandelle van Gelderen.

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    dec 14 2021


    07:00 - 21:15



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