Term ultrasound

The term ultrasound is best taken between 10 and 14 weeks pregnancy. This examination will determine the due date amongst other things.
The duration of the pregnancy is determined based on the information from the ultrasound combined with the date of the first day of the last period.
During the ultrasound the midwife will also check the baby’s heartbeat, whether the pregnancy is located in the right place (the uterus) and whether you are having one or more babies. The uterus and ovaries will also be examined for abnormalities.


In some cases the first ultrasound will be taken sooner than usual, for instance when there is bloodloss or when there are severe pains in the abdomen. An ultrasound that is scheduled a bit earlier can take insecurities away in cases like this. However it is important to know that an ultrasound because of bloodloss early in the pregnancy (up to 7-8 weeks) can in some cases be too soon to exclude a miscarriage. Usually the ultrasound is made abdominal, if this for some reason is not possible a vaginal ultrasound will be performed.