Structural ultrasound examination (20 weeks ultrasound)

The 20 weeks ultrasound is officially called the structural ultrasound examination (SUE). This examination is medical and not an ultrasound for fun.

The structural ultrasound examination (SUE) preferably takes place when the pregnancy is about 19 to 21 weeks along. Explaining the name 20 weeks ultrasound.
This examination a sonographer will check the visible organs and structures of the baby, the growth of the baby and the amount of amniotic fluid. Large abnormalities can be visible during this ultrasound. If the ultrasound shows any abnormalities you will be send to the gynaecologist for further examination. It is important to know that good results from the SUE will not fully guarantee a healthy baby. Fortunately the group of healthy pregnant women shows very few abnormalities.

Not mandatory
Ultrasound examinations are not mandatory during pregnancy. Some parents do choose ultrasonic examination during pregnancy, but choose not to have the 20 weeks ultrasound.

Coverage by heath insurance
Your health insurance will cover this procedure.

The ultrasound will be made at the Verloskunde Centrum Oost Echopunt on the second Oosterparkstraat. You will schedule the ultrasound yourself with their secretary.