Pregnancy consults

The standard amount of consults per pregnancy is about eleven. Every consult the midwife examines the belly to check the growth and development of the uterus and your child. The midwife also checks your blood pressure. Naturally there is also room for questions and the midwife will provide you with information.

The screening

The screening takes place in the 8th week of pregnancy and is meant to inform you about the possibilities for prenatal examination. During this conversation the midwife will inform you on possible tests and together you will look at the pros, cons and considerations for taking certain tests. We advise you to do a little research about the possibilities ahead of the appointment, so the midwife will be able to answer any questions you might have. We want to stress that the screening is meant to provide you with all the information you need to make a well-considered choice instead of advising you what to do. Combined with the screening an early sonogram will be offered. During this sonogram your baby’s heart and location will be checked as well as the pregnancy progress. Insurance does not cover this sonogram which costs €40,00.

The intake

The intake consult takes place when you are about 10 weeks pregnant. During this first consult you will receive an ultrasound first. In total the intake will take up to about 45 minutes.

  • The intake will start with an ultrasound. The ultrasound will show us whether the baby has a heartbeat and based on the growth of your baby we will set your due date.
  • After the ultrasound you will have a conversation with the midwife. We will ask about your medical history, the health of your partner and of both your families. We will also talk about your social situation and possible prior pregnancies, births, miscarriages and/or abortions.
  • After the intake the midwife will provide you with advice about food and lifestyle during pregnancy.
  • Your blood pressure will be measured.
  • There is always room for questions.
  • Ultimately you will receive a lab form to have your blood tested on three inflectional diseases: Lues, Hepatitis B and HIV. We also check your blood type, iron levels, glucose and whether your blood contains antibodies that do not belong there.
  • On your request it is also possible to provide you with a lab form for the combination test or NIPT.

Other consults

During pregnancy you will have about eleven consults. We will provide those consults at the location closest to your home. These consults will take 15 minutes. The first few weeks the consults will be every six weeks, but as the pregnancy progresses they will become more frequent. In addition to this we are able tot give you tips and advice about pregnancy complaints.

Good to know: if needed due to circumstances it is possible to schedule appointments for an extra consult or extra time. You can ask your midwife or the assistant about it.

The next examinations are standard during pregnancy:

Blood pressure

with every appointment the blood pressure will be measured. Having a low blood pressure during pregnancy is very normal, but can sometimes cause unpleasant side effects like dizziness and fainting. High blood pressure might be an indication for extra examination.

Checking growth and development of the pregnancy

Every appointment the growth of the uterus will be examined. This is our way of checking whether your baby is growing enough. Starting month three of the pregnancy we will listen to the hartbeat of your baby using a doptone. In the last months of your pregnancy we will examine the position of your baby and feel the engagement of the baby in the pelvis.

Blood test

If the situation indicates, we will test the glucose levels in the second half of the pregnancy, around 24 weeks. At 30 weeks we will examine the iron levels in your blood.


In addition to the first ultrasound, possibly the combination test or NIPT and the 20 weeks ultrasound extra ultrasounds may take place. If you would like to have an additional ultrasound without any medical reason you can do this on your own cost at a non-medical ultrasound centre.

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