Dietician during pregnancy

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Dietician in Pregnancy

A dietician in pregnancy can give you tools to maintain or achieve a healthy lifestyle in pregnancy. She can also help you to achieve a balanced diet. It is possible to contact a dietician, during the first trimester even, because you feel it is needed. It is also possible we as midwives will advise you to see the dietician after your first appointment with us.
In some cases it is necessary you need some consultations at the dietician later on in your pregnancy.

Gestational Diabetes

In pregnancy the hormone insulin works differently than usual: it works less. You need this hormone to break down the sugar in your blood. Most pregnancies can handle this change easily and it does not cause any problems. 1 in 15 pregnancies have more difficulty coping with this change. This causes ‘gestational diabetes’. After pregnancy your body functions as before and you no longer experience gestational diabetes.

The moment a gestational diabetes is established, we refer you to our dietician of Salu: Saskia Dorhout-Mees. Together with Saskia you will analyse your diet and lifestyle and try to make certain adjustments. After this meeting you will monitor your glucose levels yourself for a couple of weeks. In a lot of cases the sugarlevels stabilise with adjustments in diet. In this case there will be no referral to the hospital. In case the sugarlevels are not able to stabilise, we have to refer you to hospital.


The moment you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, we will refer you to Salu. She will contact you directly, but it is also possible for you to contact her first.

T: 06-48132772 (Saskia)

You can find Saskia at our practice in East every Thursday afternoon for consultations.

Eerste van Swindenstraat 551a-b
1093LC Amsterdam

Consultations can take place in person but also via videochat.

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