Midwifery Centre Nova has an enthusiastic, various and concerned team of midwifes. In order to keep you from seeing to many different faces during pregnancy we work in two teams; one per location. However in our close collaboration we help each other where we can so it is possible that you meet some midwives from the other team as well. Our unity behind the scenes guarantees a high standard of care at both locations.

Team IJburg and Diemen

f.l.t.r.: Marjo van Katwijk (currently on maternity leave) and Maaike de Ruiter

Team van Swinden

f.l.t.r.: Sophie Tabouret, Dayenne Aitatus and Marianne Bonarius

Substitute midwives

We try to make sure you see one of our standard midwives during consults and work shifts. However due to illness and holidays it may occur that we need some help from substitute midwives, so you might meet one of them during your pregnancy. We know these midwives very well and trust them wholeheartedly with our pregnant women.

Chandelle van Gelderen

Inge Smelik (replacing Marjo van Katwijk)

Daphne van der Heijden


It is very important to us to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with the next generation of midwives. We therefore choose to have interns from the midwifery academy Amsterdam. You might meet our students during clinic, your delivery and postnatal period. Depending on the phase in their education our interns will be either mostly observing or working independent under our supervision. It is important to know that our interns are always working together with us and never instead of us. However if you do not want an intern during you consult or delivery feel free to let us know.