Privacy- and cookie declaration

At midwifery centre Nova we greatly value the privacy of our website users. To ensure your privacy as best as possible, we utilize the following core values.

  • Inform – We want to inform you as best as possible on how and why we use personal information, thus this privacy declaration.
  • Limit data collection – We pay close attention to limit our collection of personal information to only the necessary data needed to ensure a proper working website and services.
  • No marketing based on personal data – We do not share or provide personal data for marketing purposes and only send commercial e-mails after explicit approval.
  • Security – We take the necessary security measures to protect personal data and demand the same from parties that process your personal data on our behalf.
  • Rights to inspection and correction – We respect your right to inspect, correct or remove your personal data.

In this privacy declaration you can read how we bring these core value in to practice and respect and protect your right to privacy.

Use of personal data

By using our website and the services on it you leave certain data, in some cases personal information. We solely preserve and use the information provided to us by you directly or of which we can tell by registration that they are provided for us to register.

Dependent on the services you use the following data may be collected:

  • Address details;
  • Gender;
  • E-mail address;
  • Phone number;
  • Information regarding your health;
  • The name of your health insurance company;
  • Names of other caregivers;
  • Date and time of your appointment(s);
  • Payment details;
  • IP-address

Per service our website states which data we collect. The data is used for the following means:

  • To keep up your medical file;
  • To plan appointments;
  • To keep track of your given preferences;
  • To send our newsletter;
  • To improve our service;
  • To carry out other services requested by you.
  • Provision to third parties

Your data will not be provided to third parties except for the parties directly involved with the implementation of the agreement between you and us, or when we are bound to by legal reasons.


We take security measures to limit abuse of, and unauthorised access to personal data. We keep statistics of our website which are at all times anonymously processed. Parts of our website where personal data is collected are prohibited from collecting statistics.

Preservation terms

Personal data will never be saved longer than necessary for the means described in this privacy declaration. Except for cases where we are legally prohibited to remove the personal data.

Third party websites

This privacy declaration does not apply to websites of third parties that are linked to our website. We can not guarantee that these parties handle personal data safely and with care. We advise you to read the privacy declaration for the concerning website before using them.


We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a simple small file send to and saved on the hard drive of your computer via this website. The information saved may be send back to us or third parties involved during a later visit to our website.


The American company Google places cookies through our website as part of the Google Analytics service. We use Google Analytics to receive reports and keep track of how our website is being used. We have prohibited Google from using this data for other Google services. The IP-addresses are anonymized, and we have a processers agreement with Google. The data that Google collects is anonymized as far as possible. We do not have any influence on the use of this data by Google and/or third parties. Google might provide third parties with this data when legally obliged or as far is third parties process data on behalf of Google. Read the privacy declaration of Google (which changes regularly) to see what they do with your (personal) data processed via our cookies.
The information collected by Google is being transferred to and saved on servers in the United States. Google states they adhere to the Privacy Shield principles and are member of the Privacy Shield program of the American Ministry of Trade. This means that there should be a sufficient level of protection of possible personal data.

Use of permanent cookies

The use of permanent cookies enables us to recognize you during a new visit on our website. This way, our website can be set to your personal preferences. If you have given permission for cookies we are also able to remember these preferences through the places cookies. The advantage of this is that you will not have to repeat your preferences during every visit allowing you to save time and have a pleasant use of our website. Permanent cookies can be removed using the settings of your browser.

Use of session cookies

Session cookies allow us to see which parts and pages of our website you have visited and viewed. This gives us the opportunity to adapt our website to the surf preferences of our users. These cookies will automatically be deleted as soon as you close your browser.

Changes in this privacy- and cookie declaration

We preserve our right to edit this declaration. We advise you to consult this declaration on a regular bases, so you are up to date on our regulations.

Inspection, correction and removal of your data

You may always contact us regarding any questions regarding our privacy policy or your collected data.


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