Postnatal period

After delivery your postnatal period starts. A phase of forming a family and getting to know each other. In the first week you will be provided with maternity care.


As midwives we are medically responsible for you and your baby. The first week after the delivery we will visit you to make sure you and your baby are doing well. We will talk about how you have experienced your delivery, how you are recovering and how your baby is doing. For concerns or questions you can always call us on the emergency number.

If during pregnancy and delivery you have been consulted by the hospital you are also welcome to receive our care during your postnatal period. It is possible to ask for us at the hospital you have your consults, but if you like to meet us during the pregnancy you can fill in the application form. To prevent misunderstandings, make sure you are clear that it concerns only the period after delivery.

Maternity care

A maternity nurse will come to your house to take care of mother and baby. She will explain how to nurse and feed the baby and will perform a few medical checkups. She will also give advice and help with the (breast)feeding. Depending on the hours provided by your health insurance and the maternity organisation the maternity nurse will also help with small work around the house if necessary.

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