An easing of the precautions!

Dear ladies and partners,
It was already announced on the social media, but from the 11th of may the following precautions are in place:
🔸Partners are allowed to come along to all check-ups and ultrasounds again! – point of caution: the preference still lies in coming to check-ups alone, so where possible, please do come alone. Also: this means partners only: kids/grandparents/friends will be able to join with the next easing.
🔹All ultrasounds are offered again, including the ultrasounds for fun/3D/4D (although we don’t offer these ourselves)
🔸All check-ups will be offered like they were: prenatal and postnatal.
🔹Besides the partner, you are allowed 1 other person present during you labor and birth. Beware: this will not be possible in all hospitals unfortunately.
We look forward to giving you the care like we’re used to!

Our care is covered by all insurance companies!

Good to know: we have been hearing that our midwifery centre is sometimes not found at Zilveren Kruis health insurance and a few others. However, this is certainly not the case. Care with our practice is covered by all insurance companies.


We have good news for you! After the press conference of last week, the precautions that were taken by the midwives in NL were re-evaluated. This has lead to a first easing of the precautions! It will mean the following:
🔸The viability scan + early ultrasound on own request can take place again.
🔹Check-ups will be of regular length again and will not purely consist of blood pressure and abdominal examination anymore – of course while taking the 1,5mtrs in regard as much as possible.
🔸We will do 1 physical postnatal visit again.
🔹It will also be possible again to place an IUD at the practice.

What will stay the same?
🔸All hygiene precautions are still in effect.
🔹If you experience any Corona-symptoms: please contact us by phone and stay at home.
🔸You still come to your prenatal check-up alone (so without your partner or children).
🔹6 weeks postpartum check-ups are still done by phone.

Q&A Coronavirus

Vorige week zijn wij, samen met de andere verloskundigenpraktijken in Oost, een wekelijkse Q&A zoomsessie over het COVID-19 virus gestart. De komende weken zal deze elke donderdag om 10:00 plaatsvinden, wisselend in het Nederlands en Engels. Er zullen elke sessie 2 verloskundigen aanwezig zijn van 1 van de praktijken in Oost.

Wij zullen zwangeren vanaf 30 weken zwangerschap uitnodigen via de mail. Opgeven kan dan via het mailadres die in de mail wordt genoemd. Hierna zal er een link naar de zoomsessie worden verstuurd. Het is dan mogelijk om alvorens de zoomsessie vragen in te leveren via de mail, anders kan dit via de chat tijdens de zoomsessie kunnen.
We hopen dat we hiermee zo veel mogelijk jullie vragen kunnen beantwoorden!