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A special time for every expectant parent. A lot is happening in the next nine months. It is a time of blessing, hope, uncertainty, care, pride and growth. We are here to give you the best possible care during this special period. We have a close collaboration between midwives and gynaecologists in the OLVG Oost. Women without expected complications during pregnancy, but also women with need of additional medical care during pregnancy, are welcome at our practice. From your intake to the day your baby is born our midwives carry the responsibility of a fitting plan of care for your pregnancy together with you.

Your needs and desires are most important for us in that period.

We have several locations where we can do your consultations. To make sure that you can have your checks as close to your home as possible. We have locations in Amsterdam Oost, Esplanade de Meer, Diemen, IJburg and Zeeburgereiland.

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At Verloskundecentrum Nova Amsterdam you know that you will be supervised by an enthusiastic, diverse and committed team of midwives. To make sure you don’t see too many different faces, we have a fixed team per location. …Click here to read more

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Pregnant. New life. A special time for every expectant parent. A lot happens. Feelings of happiness, hope, uncertainty, care, pride and growth… Click here to read more


During an ultrasound we look at the shape, location and size of your baby. The ultrasound machine translates sound waves into images. Making an ultrasound is not harmful for your baby …Read more

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We will be glad to help you!
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Your delivery is an exciting, very personal and unforgettable event. Whether you give birth at home or in hospital. With or without medical devices. The most important thing for us is that you give birth the way you want…. Read more

Postnatal Period

After childbirth follows the maternity week. A period of getting to know each other and forming a family. We support you in this together with the maternity nurse… Read more


Anyone can contact the Nova Obstetrics Centre for advice and prescription of contraception and the placement of coils. For this you do not have to give birth (with us)…. Read more

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Pregnancy in 42 weeks

Zwangerschap 42 weken 01
  • 5

    Week 5

    Baby size:as big as a orange seed
    Development: the blood circulation is formed and the organs start to form. Around this time, the baby's heart begins to beat.

    Probably you will find out that you are pregnant. You should have had your period, maybe you have some symptoms as well. You do a pregnancy test and... it is positive! What to do now?
    - Join a midwife
    - Have you already started with pholic acid ? If not, it's a good idea to start with this.
    - It is important to pay close attention to your nutrition, not to drink alcohol and to stop smoking.
    - Do you want to help other women get pregnant? Take a look at Mothers for Mothers.

  • 8

    Week 8

    Baby size: a small raspberry, slightly larger than 1cm
    Development: Most organs are developed by the end of the week. Hands and feet begin to take shape and the baby already starts to move a lot.

    Around this time you will have your first appointment with us. This could be an early ultrasound or viability scan. This is followed by a first meeting and conversation with the midwife about prenatal testing. To prepare, you can read:
    - Early or viability scan
    - NIPT

  • 10

    Week 10

    Baby size: a strawberry, between 3 and 4cm
    Development: The bones begin to develop and the arms and legs become more defined.

    At 10 weeks there will be another appointment with us. This will be to determine the due date with an ultrasound. After the ultrasound, the intake will take place with the midwife.
    - Pregnancy dating scan
    - Intake
    - After the intake it is also good to register at a maternity care agency. This feels early, but it is important to register in time!

1e Trismester

0.4kg - 2.0kg
Zwangerschap 42 weken
  • 16

    Week 16

    Baby size: a small avocado, between 10 and 11 cm
    Development:The eyes begin to function and it is possible for the baby to hear sounds from outside the womb.

    At 16 weeks you will come back to us for a check-up. We will discuss blood results and listen to the heartbeat for the first time! The next check-up with us is a little further in the time because the 20-week ultrasound is coming up.
    - Anatomy scan control.
    - with 16 weeks it is possible to find out the gender of the baby, this can be done with a 'ultrasound on request', also called sex determination-echo .
    . - In Amsterdam childcare has enormous waiting lists. Even though it seems early, if you want to make use of childcare facilities later on, you should already look into this.

  • 22

    Week 22

    Baby size: a red bell pepper, about 28cm
    Development: The senses begin to develop more and more and the grip in the hands becomes stronger. You will feel the baby move more.

    At 22 weeks you'll come back for a check-up. The 20-week ultrasound has been performed and we will go over the report. You will also get an explanation about the whooping cough vaccination.
    - Read about the whooping cough vaccination and see where you can get it
    . - Around this time it is also good to start orientating on pregnancy courses, for example: swimming, yoga, pilates or just a preparation course.
    - If you are not married, it is good to also arrange the
    recognition of the baby

  • 30

    Week 30

    Baby size: about similar to a broccoli, around 41cm
    Development:The baby's brain is growing rapidly and is starting to become more recognizable. The brain and new fat cells ensure that the baby's temperature is maintained. Because of this, a soft layer of fluff disappears from the skin.

    From week 27 onwards it will be important to pay attention to the baby's movements. You should feel this everyday. Around this time it is also important to think about the delivery.
    - The maternity care will contact you for an intake. During this intake your wishes for the maternity week will be discussed.

2e Trismester

2.0kg - 8.0kg
Zwangerschap 42 weken 02
  • 33

    Week 33

    Baby size: a small bottle squash, around 43cm
    Development: The baby's immune system starts to work. The baby also drinks a lot of amniotic fluid around this time. The movements of the baby can feel sharper around this time.

    Around 33 weeks you will have a 30-minute prenatal check-up. We will discuss the birthplan with you, discuss the calling instructions regarding the delivery and you will be invited for the information evening.
    - Write your delivery plan around this time
    - Sign up for our information evening about the delivery
    . - Sign up for the breastfeeding course at the practice
    . - Go through the call instructions

  • 36

    Week 36

    Baby size: as big as a head of romaine lettuce, about 47cm
    Development:Most organs are fully developed and functioning around this time. The nutritional system still needs some further development. Around this time we want the baby to be in the right position for birth and it may be that the baby is already descending more.

    If you haven't taken leave before, now is when your maternity leave starts. The last preparations start before the baby arrives.
    - Have you already received your stall package?
    - Is your
    childbag ready yet?

  • 40

    Week 40

    as a small pumpkin, between 48 and 56cm.
    Development: the baby is ready to be born. The layer of skin smear is getting less and less.

    The due date has arrived! The baby can be born any moment now and that is very exciting! Maybe you have already had some practice contractions, maybe you still feel top fit. The prenatal check-ups will be more frequent. We will discuss the plan up to 42 weeks.
    - Read the serotinity leaflet

*units in weeks

3e Trismester

8.0kg - 13.6kg

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