At home or in the hospital

Both options, delivering at home or in the hospital, have their advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing to us is that you give birth where you feel safe and relaxed. This because we are aware that relaxation is the best condition for optimal contractions and with that a greater chance of a successful birth of your child.

Bear in mind to keep both options open. There are circumstances under which a birth can happen so fast that we can not make it to the hospital in time and sometimes when a birth is planned at home there can be medical reasons to move the birth to the hospital.

  • To give birth in your own environment may give you a feeling of freedom and safety. You feel at ease and less inhibited at home.
  • In case of emergency we have all the means and are trained to take care of you as well as your baby.
  • If complications occur they usually show in an early stage of labour so it is possible to drive to the hospital in your own car. If complications were to happen in a later stage or an emergency occurs the ambulance will take you to the hospital.
  • In case of emergency there is always a place for us at the OLVG Oost which means that you can be in a delivery room in 30 minutes tops.
  • At home it is not possible to receive pain medication.
  • Research shows that having your baby at home is just as safe as in the hospital.
  • For delivering at home in a bathtub it is possible to rent a delivery bath.
  • The Maternity nurse will assist us during the delivery and will stay after delivery to take care of you until all goes well.
  • Labour always starts at home, if we expect the baby being born soon we take you to the hospital.
  • In case of complications there is no need to move to the hospital in a later stage of the delivery because you will already be there.
  • If the delivery takes place without any complications and pain medication we will guide you with assistance of a maternity nurse or regular nurse from the hospital.
  • At night and during weekends specialists (gynaecologists, pediatricians, anesthetists) will not always be in the hospital, sometimes they have to drive to the hospital from home.
  • It is possible that the hospital of your choosing is full. In this case we will have to go to a different hospital. Our collaboration with OLVG Oost does not guaranty your delivery there.
  • In OLVG Oost and Bevalcentrum West it is possible to give birth in a bath tub, unless there are medical reasons not to.
  • When the delivery goes as planned without any large complications you go home the same day your baby was born.
  • For a policlinical delivery your health insurance usually requires a personal contribution of approximately €350,-. The hospital will send you the bill afterwards. There are additional health insurances that cover the personal contribution, you can check your options on
  • In case a medical indication occurs during your pregnancy you call the hospital directly at the start of labour.
  • When you are recieving our care during your pregnancy but your delivery needs to be induced you check in at the hospital on the date and time of the appointment where the hospital will start your delivery.
  • Medical indications may also occur during labour, in this case we will transfer your care to the gynaecologist. In case your still at home at that time we will accompany you to the hospital until you are admitted.
  • Transportation to the hospital (own car or ambulance) depends on the urgency and stage of labour.
  • The request of pain medication is a medical indication as well, this means that if you wish to receive pain medication during labour we will have to transfer care to the gynaecologist.

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