We have good news for you! After the press conference of last week, the precautions that were taken by the midwives in NL were re-evaluated. This has lead to a first easing of the precautions! It will mean the following:
🔸The viability scan + early ultrasound on own request can take place again.
🔹Check-ups will be of regular length again and will not purely consist of blood pressure and abdominal examination anymore – of course while taking the 1,5mtrs in regard as much as possible.
🔸We will do 1 physical postnatal visit again.
🔹It will also be possible again to place an IUD at the practice.

What will stay the same?
🔸All hygiene precautions are still in effect.
🔹If you experience any Corona-symptoms: please contact us by phone and stay at home.
🔸You still come to your prenatal check-up alone (so without your partner or children).
🔹6 weeks postpartum check-ups are still done by phone.