Women of 21 years or younger are covered for all forms of contraception via their insurance. When you are older than 21 years, this coverage expires. If you have supplementary insurance (on top of the basic insurance) it is possible contraception will be (partially) covered. Take notice: it is possible that it will have to paid from your mandatory excess. Contact your insurance company to receive more information about a possible own contribution, how much will be covered from the insurance and your own mandatory excess. If you do not have a healthcare insurance, then you will have to pay for the contraception yourself.

There are two possible ways of purchasing the IUD. You can get a prescription for the IUD at our midwifery practice and hand this in at your pharmacy. The pharmacy will send the invoice to your insurance company if your insurance covers the contraception.

The other option is that we will order the IUD and have it delivered at our midwifery practice. You will receive an invoice via email beforehand, which has to be paid within three working days. You can send this invoice to the insurance company and have it reimbursed.

Getting an IUD fitted or removed is covered (partially) with your basic insurance by most insurance companies. If your insurance company does not cover the entire amount or if you are not insured at all, you will have to pay the (residual) amount yourself. You will receive an invoice from us.

After fitting the IUD, it is standard procedure for us to have a follow-up by phone to see if there are any complaints. If you wish to have a follow-up with ultrasound, you will have to pay for the ultrasound yourself.

Hormone-containing IUD
Hormone-containing IUD
Copper-containing IUD
Fitting of the IUD
incl. follow-up by phone
Ultrasound follow-up
6 weeks after fitting
Removing the IUD

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