At Verloskundecentrum Nova it is possible for everyone to get a consultation regarding contraception, get a prescription for contraception or to get an IUD placed. It is not a requirement for you to have given birth recently or to have been a patient at the practice.

Contraception after delivery

Even though contraception might be the last thing on your mind after you have given birth, it is wise to start thinking about your options on time. A few weeks after delivery you are fertile again and are able to get pregnant. Down below you can read more information about the options of contraception we offer in our practice.

When are you able to get pregnant again?

The moment you are able to get pregnant again after delivery depends on wheter you breast- or bottlefeed your baby. Women who bottlefeed their baby will have their first period about 6 weeks after birth. This means that your ovulation will take place four weeks after delivery. The chance of having an ovulation that early after delivery with women who are breastfeeding their babies is smaller, though definitely possible. This makes it very important, also for the breastfeeding mothers, to think about using contraception. From the moment you stop breastfeeding, or are in the proces of stopping, the chances of your menstrual cycle returning and the possibility to get pregnant again will increase.

Which form of contraception do you choose?

The moment you start using contraception again depends on what type you have chosen. This choice depends on your personal preference and your situation.  Therefore, it is possible that you will choose, or use, a different type of contraception after delivery then the one you were using before your pregnancy. Midwives are able to prescribe any type of contraception. It is also possible to get IUD’s placed at our practice. For more information about contraception you can contact us at the practice.

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